What’s happening in Quincy?

— for those who live, work, or play in Quincy, Massachusetts —

Quincy, Massachusetts
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This community is for people who live in (or visit) Quincy, Massachusetts. It’s intended as a place to share information about our city, and ask for advice and/or recommendations. Examples of the sorts of posts I’d expect to see here include:

  • Where can I get good Thai food near Quincy Center?
  • I live near the intersection of X and Y streets; where’s my polling place?
  • My mom’s coming to visit; what should I take her to see while she’s here?
  • I just heard the Red Line is running shuttle busses between North Quincy and Braintree today due to a signal problem.
  • Anybody want to join me for a trip to Wollaston Beach this weekend?
  • Where can I hear live music on Friday?
  • I’m looking for a roommate for my great 2BR condo.
  • I had a great experience with this plumber; here’s her contact information in case anybody needs a plumber.
  • What airport shuttle services serve Quincy?
Posts that don’t have a specific Quincy connection are not on topic. For instance, “Anybody want to carpool from Quincy to Boston to hear the Pops on Thursday?” would definitely be appropriate; “Anybody want to meet to hear the Pops with me on Thursday?” is iffier, but would probably be OK if you’re specifically looking for people from Quincy to go with; and “Hey everybody! Did you know the Pops is playing Tchaikovsky this Thursday?” is definitely off-topic.

Other things that are inappropriate include any posts that (in my judgement) are intolerant (e.g., racist, sexist, or homophobic), and any commercial advertising, although letting us know that your kids are selling candy to raise money for a school band trip is probably OK.

You should feel free (but not required) to post a little introduction when you join the community.

I, beowabbit, am your humble moderator. I will try to be a benevolent dictator, but I reserve the right to impose my judgement in order to keep this the sort of polite, friendly, welcoming community I want to be a part of.

The primary language of this community is English, but you may post in other languages if you’re not comfortable posting in English. If possible, please try to include a short summary in English near the top of your post if you post in another language.

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