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What’s happening in Quincy?
— for those who live, work, or play in Quincy, Massachusetts —

My partner and I are trying to get an idea of the interest in a co-working space near Quincy Center.   Are there enough people out there who could use a co-working space? Is there a latent need? Are there enough people to keep a space running here in Quincy Center?  Are there office space owners who would be interested in exploring what co-working might mean?  
Our goal is to create an affordable space which offers at least the following:

Affordability: ~$200/Month per a person for full time use  ~$100/Month for part-time use.
24/7 access
Phone booth for private phone calls
Conference rooms with data projectors.
Ultra high speed internet
Use of our address as your business address.  Get notified via email when you receive a package.  
Fully stocked kitchen with food and drinks – yogorts, fruits, soft drinks, snacks, and cold beverages
Copier, Printer, & Fax
Storage lockers for your belongings. 
We are exploring a space within a 7 minute walk of the Qunicy Center T.  
If you are interested, please drop me a line at ike2079@gmail.com with questions, comments, and/or concerns.
If you want to keep apprised of the changes going on with the new Quincy Center Greenway, the city has launched a new website to assist you!

As the website states, the goal of the project is thus: "This project will result in a final roadway and streetscape design to support the new Adams Green Park. This design will be constructed by MassDOT and will ensure that traffic works allowing Adams Green to achieve its full potential as a new, green, bicycle and pedestrian friendly, transit-accessible focal point for downtown."

12th-Dec-2011 03:46 pm - Planks of Wood
black and white cat
If you had a pile of weathered planks of wood, how would you get rid of them?  I don't have anywhere near a dumpster's worth, so I don't want to rent a dumpster to get rid of a small pile.  But I know they would count as building materials and generally you can't just dump building materials into the normal trash.  Note: I actually live in Weymouth, but I haven't found a Weymouth LJ and it probably would be deader than this place. 
24th-Aug-2011 07:20 pm - End of Season Swimwear
black and white cat
So I didn't have a need for swim wear until recently. At the end of summer. When it's going-off the racks in favor of fall gear.

Since I like the look of swim trunks, but have a female form, I need something for my upper-half. I don't trust myself to tie a bikini top correctly and not have it fly open (slash don't like that look for myself.) So I need a swim top that's more cloth than a bikini, but less than a long-sleeve shirt looking thing that I saw at Olympia Sports in the Pru.

I've also tried the City Sports in Downtown Crossing and Back Bay and nuzzled the summer clearance in two Marshalls.

So suggestions besides the other City Sports locations? If I can get to it on a monthly LinkPass and not have to bug a friend to drive me or pay-up for the commuter rail ride, that would be good.
21st-Jun-2011 09:07 pm - Keyboard, Amp, Storage
black and white cat
Help needed with two things:

1. Good place to sell a keyboard and amp.

2. Organization that might help with a one-time payment on a storage unit.

Otherwise, insert usual community banter here:
12th-May-2011 10:23 pm - Redevelopment news
Having dinner in Quincy the other night, my wife noticed that there was a building... missing. Part of the redevelopment plan has razed the building that held the funky old Typewriter repair store, as well as the Hairstore hairstylists. I did some googling, and found my way to the "Develop Quincy" page of the Patriot Ledger. They have a pretty awesome retrospective video of how Quincy has changed over the years, I recommend you check it out! Go to this page below, and the video "Quincy History" will start playing!
29th-Mar-2010 02:08 pm - Scanner, Copy Shop?
black and white cat
I have a 15.5" by 19.5" piece of paper I need to get scanned. My local Staples doesn't have a scanner big enough. So does anyone know of a copy shop in the area with a big enough scanner for the job?
15th-Feb-2010 09:54 am - Used Book Sellers Wanted
black and white cat
I have a random assortment of books to sell. Which stores in Quincy/surrounding areas would buy/trade in used books and what kinds of used books do they deal in? Nothing's older than 30 years so no antiquarian book shops needed.
Looking for something to do tonight? Nightlygigs.com is running their weekly Rock Band night at Stadium, in Quincy Center, at 1495 Hancock Street, starting at 8:30pm and running until 1am. There's 1200+ songs available to play in Rock Band, on Stadium's state of the art sound system and 8+foot HD projector system! They'll also have TWO Nintendo Wii systems up and running playing a variety of games, as well as an XBox 360 for other games.

The snow isn't keeping us in, it shouldn't keep you in either. Come out and play!
Local: Quincy house pre-purchase
(Crosssposted from my journal and boston_housing.)

Howdy! The smaller room in my house (in Quincy, a 15min walk from the Quincy Center T station and walking distance from the shops and restaurants on Hancock and Washington Streets) is available starting immediately. Here’s the text of the ad I just posted to Craigslist:

Craigslist adCollapse )

Feel free to disseminate far and wide, either by pointing people at this post or by pointing them at the Craigslist post (although that will expire in a few days).
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